Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blast from the past – Beat Street

While surfing YouTube I came across this video and had to post it.  I had just recently had a conversation with someone about practicing their b-boy footwork.  The 80s were a different time… I loved the clothes, the hip hop, and the music, everything about it rocked.  I can remember hanging out watching b-boys practice their moves in high school… they were awesome; especially one in particular.  What’s so funny about this video is that I have (yeah, right now) the original sound track of this movie on cassette ahaha.  Well, enjoy the video – it was fun for me. 

Beat Street Roxy Battle

Isn't it awesome how music, movies, and books can take you back to your past.  Can make you smile and laugh out loud or make you sad and bring tears to your eyes. No matter the memory it's nice to be able to remember them.  I hope you enjoyed the video and maybe it brought back some memories for you too.  Share a memory with me...


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