About Soulful Journey

Have you ever wanted to keep a journal and knew no matter how hard you tried it wouldn’t last long?  That was me.  I’m just not made that way.  So I contemplated on it for sometime quite honestly.  What I needed was an outlet; a way to put my feelings into words.  Soulful Journey is not a “Dear Diary” of my life.  It is, however, a place to share my thoughts on life. 
My poetry is basically my life in a form of expression; the emotions, thoughts and affects of my experiences, past and present, all in a tumble of words.  My life has been interesting, with some fabulous highlights and some not so fabulous lows.  Much of my past haunts me and my present and future is directly affected by it.  Writing allows me to say what I feel about the things going on in my world. 

Music is awesome; all genres.  I love to listen to the lyrics and find the story behind the words.  From hardcore alternative to classical music I can drown in stories so intense that I wonder if I will be able to find myself again.  You’ll find me posting music videos; some for their meaning and some just for enjoyment.  Music is good for the soul. 

Movies and reading are my favorite past-time activities.  I have enjoyed reading ever since childhood.  I read books of all genres, like my music.  As for movies, I love great movies; my favorite movie series is Fast and Furious.  So occasionally you will find movie or book posts here as well.  

Soulful Journey is a reflection of me.  I want it to be insightful.  A place I can browse, remember, laugh and heal; the place I allow others to share their thoughts and ideas.  Soulful Journey is a place for me to take a load off my mind, for lack of better words.  Hopefully I can manage to keep it on the lighter side most of the time.  I’ve been told I am a deep person.  Let us see how I do. 

If you have read this far I am truly amazed!  Thank you for visiting my blog.  I hope it has been enjoyable.  If it has I invite you to follow me.  Thanks again and take care. 

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