Monday, September 19, 2011

NFL Football

Well the football season is here, YES!!  Week two has passed and it was an interesting weekend for sure for teams/players all around... not to mention the fans!  I'm a die hard NE Patriots fan but in general follow all the games checking in on injuries and plays like a psycho!  That was no different for me last night. 

I'm still stunned that Tony Romo went back into the game with a cracked rib... amazing stuff... I couldn't do it.  Mike Vick, I feel bad for the guy... great player... a concussion took him out.  Patriots had their share of injuries as well, Hernandez (scored first TD of the game WTG), Chung (hand), Mesko (knee)... I'm missing someone, but you get the idea.  I hate injuries for any player... makes the game not as challenging at times.

However, every now and then a play you just do not expect happens on the field and you just start jumping up and down cheering that player on!  Our own Vince Wilfork #75 was THAT PLAYER last night.  He made an amazing run on the field... for a guy as big as he is you don't expect to see him running down the side!  I'm telling you it was sweet!!

I can't leave out my all time favorite QB Tom Brady... week one he threw 500 yards... that's right... in one game!  Followed that up with a 440 yard game yesterday!!!  That's right, say it with me.... BAD ASS!  In two consecutive weeks he has gotten 940 air yards... truly amazing!  I saw a tweet that cracked me up - Eli considers himself an elite QB - someone responded - that makes Brady is beyond elite.  Love it! Yeah baby, I do!

So, all in all it was a great day of football yesterday.  Looking forward to next weekend!  Get the shirts, the chips and the beer ready cos I'll be hanging out watching the games and following twitter NFL tweets. 

-Peace Out xx
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