As always writing an “About Me” blurb has me searching my mind. I don’t have the perfect way to gift you with a near perfect piece of art depicting “Me.” A physical description is like placing an ad in a singles column and lines of adverbs and adjectives can’t really paint a picture of my personality. So, diving into the depths of my mind here are the highlights.

I speak my mind without always minding my tongue… I’m working on curbing that habit! I am strong willed and passionate about my beliefs in all things. The most important job I’ve ever had or will ever have is being a mother. I am courageous and intense. I am funny and have learned to look at life with a sense of humor. I don’t own a pity pot because my eyes are open and I can see my riches. I can be sarcastic, I can’t help it and I haven’t decided if this is a gift or a curse! I am close to very few people and those few matter more than they know.

I plan to use this blog as a way for me to put my reflections down so I can understand my feelings and revisit them from time to time. Maybe, in time, you can draw your own picture of me through them.

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