Sunday, January 15, 2012

Always expect the expected!!

Big business dictates their need for more. 
MORE this, MORE that, MORE, MORE, MORE!!!
Get involved, become a part of our growth, we'll reward you for it!

We'll give you this, we'll give you that.
We knowingly jump onto the OUR in "our growth"
even though we know deep in our souls this is -  not OUR reality.

We'll give you this, we'll give you that.
We tackled the task at hand and rocked their world. 
We produced, WE DELIVERED, and we were rewarded.

We'll give you this, we'll give you that.
We should have known the hammer was close at hand. 
This is the beginning to the expected - right on schedule.

A sad look appeared in her blue eyes on the day
the corporate nations delivered their unexpected
yet truly expected disappointing surprise. 

Well deserved rewards turned to dust
blown to the unknown on the breathe of _____,
do I dare name that evil seed?

Who put the Y in front of OUR?
Whatever happened to the WE?
When will the surprise be truly unexpected?

Speaking the truth on the evil seed...  No guesses? It ryhmes with seed... duh!

If you work in an incentive driven arena you will be able to truly relate to this poetic rant.  You will know exactly how it feels to be given an incentive and as soon as it becomes overly popular and everyone is on board have it yanked away because it's sucking up too much of "corporates profits" OH NO, say it ain't so! Well, it is so!  It's not that they can't afford the incentive, it's not that they are changing the program they just rolled out... it's that YOU (me too) are taking too much of THEIR profits.  Can't have that now, can we, goddess help us if we take too much... sigh... anyway, feel free to speak your mind. 


  1. Nice to read you again Tracy, I love this poem, it's deep and yes we unfortunately can relate to these lines.
    Take care and may you have a wonderful year 2012.

  2. Thanks Marie! Have a blessed New year!


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