Saturday, June 11, 2011

Angel Baby

Another year gone by but it feels like yesterday.
My pain has not lessened with the passage of time.
I grieve and cry for you, I beg God to care for you.

I loved you; I still wish a wish that can never be.
Bittersweet memories of you moving within my womb,
Unbearable guilt and agony I can't let go; devastation.  

My questions are the same today as yesterday.
Would you be outgoing and quick to laugh?
Or would you be quiet and observant?

Would you have your dad's smile or talent in dance?
Or would you love to read and write like me?
So many questions left unanswered, never born.

I wonder about you every day, heartbreaking.
I dream, that one day at the end of time,
I will come to a place and find you.

When that day comes I will know
With all my heart and soul that it's you.
Happy birthday, my sweet angel baby.

I love you, I will always love you.
I carry your memory in my heart.  
XO Mommy


  1. It's a beautiful love letter - It brings tears to my eyes. Today I pray for you Tracy.
    I am not a mum but my friend just lose her baby and I think your words reflect perfectly the pain, the love and faith one day you'll be together again.
    Stay well.xx

  2. So sad :( but a beautiful poem.

    ♥ hugs

  3. Marie, thank you very very much.
    I'm so sorry for your friend and her own loss. I wish her well.
    Again, thanks so much for taking the time to comment. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Alex, yes, it is a sad, as am I... thank you so much for leaving your comment. It is very much appreciated. (btw,I tried to get to your blog last night and it told me it was no longer there :( - I am going to try again shortly.)


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