Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lady Gaga - Judas

Video shared for entertainment purposes. I claim no ownership.

I've mentioned somewhere on my blog that my music was eclectic; this just proves that point. This particular Lady Gaga song has some people pissed off - why? The minute a religious element is put into a song the fanatics raise their ugly heads and start pointing the evil finger. AHAHA! Get over it! It's a satirical piece, a parody... "bad boy/Judas" versus "good boy/Christ." Bad boys are sexy... good guys work harder sometimes... that's life. So to all you nut-balls, if you don't want to hear Gaga - simply turn your dial to a religious station and leave it there!

Lady Gaga is the featured artist in the video bar this week. Enjoy and have a fabulous week!


Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Tribute

As you remember those who gave all yesterday; take the time to think about the soldiers currently fighting.  We are lucky to be enjoying picnics with our families.  Let’s not forget the families praying their soldiers will be brought safely through the fighting that is going on today. I honor all soldiers serving and I’m grateful for those past and present who have served my country.  Thank you. 


Travel Poll Results

If you could, where would you travel?

Asia - 66%
Canada - 33%
Europe - 66%
South Pacific - 33%
USA - 33%
Other Destination - 66%

New poll posted.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


In the wee hours of the morn...
Did you feel the graceful touch upon your cheek,
‘Twas me, love, stroking the line of your jaw and softly kissing your brow.

Did you feel the light touch upon your chest?
‘Twas my hand, darling, caressing you and lingering upon your heart

Did you feel the wispy kisses ease down your belly?
Those were my lips, sweet lover, ever so softly and gently kissing you.

Did you feel the warmth surround and comfort you?
‘Twas was my soul, my love, becoming one with you,
creating within you, me.

I'm your Dreamweaver, Lover
And in your dreams, when you close your eyes you can feel me.
My touch is always upon you, my kisses never far;
When you want me simply close your eyes.

I'm your Dreamweaver, Lover
With a loving touch, your soul mate for eternity
From the heavens above

This is the first poem I ever submitted for publication.  It currently has a happy home in a poetry book.  I thought I'd share it here with ya'll.  I hope you enjoy it.  


Disclaimer: **The image on this page was taken from this website - I do not own nor claim to own the image. It is the property of the creator.  Please visit http://images2.layoutsparks.com/1/30445/Blue-Fairy-Tress-Black.jpg for this image.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Halestorm - Slave To The Grind

Skid Row, who? ahaha... This song kicks!

Lizzy Hale is the lead singer in this outstanding band from PA. I've seen them in concert and they are fab-u-lous. She has an incredible voice and takes this particular song to new heights as far as I'm concerned... ahaha Skid Row has nothing on Lizzy! She rocks it hard!! She plays with her brother Arejay Hale, Joe Hottinger and Josh Smith. I'm not going to go into a write up on the bands history because it's all here on their website. Check it out... .http://www.halestormrocks.com/  Enjoy the video, check the video bar for more, they are the featured band of the week.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

True Love Poll Results

Can you have more than 1 true love in life?

Yes - 50%
No - 30%
Maybe - 10%
I don't know - 10%

A new poll has been posted.  If you have an idea for a poll leave a comment.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Hope - End Domestic Violence

A little boy pushes a little girl off a swing.
She cries and is told, “That’s how little boys play.”
Her parents shoo her off to play. 
Her hurt goes unacknowledged.

A few years later a young boy pushes her down at recess.
She cries and is told, “Ignore him, boys are rough.”
Her teacher shoos her off to play.
Her hurt goes unacknowledged.

A high school boyfriend shakes her when she talks to a classmate.
She cries and is told, “Oh, it’s because he’s jealous.”
Her friend laughs it off.
Her hurt goes unacknowledged.

A college boyfriend berates and belittles her.
She cries and is told, “The coach has been on him, let it go.”
His teammates turn away.
Her hurt goes unacknowledged.

Married now, her husband comes home and beats her.
She cries and is told, “Its job stress, I’m sure he didn’t mean it.”
Her church adviser thinks it will get better.
Her hurt goes unacknowledged.

These days he doesn’t need a reason.
She cries and covers up the bruises.
She understands, he’s a man and that’s how men are.
She keeps her hurt to herself.

It’s a beautiful day today, sunny and warm.
She’s dressed in her very best dress.
Her friends and family fill the room.
They cry and ask, “How did this happen?”

An angel looks down from heaven.
Her eyes are sad and full of tears.
God takes her hand and leads her away.
They come upon a new scene and stop for a moment.

A little boy pushes a little girl off a swing. 
She cries and is comforted by her parents.
The little boy is told, “Boys don’t push girls off swings.”
Hurts are acknowledged and lessons are learned.

The angel watches with hope in her eyes.
God stands with her; her strength and comfort.
A little boy helps a little girl onto a swing. 
It’s a beautiful day, sunny and warm. 

I recently read a post on a blog I follow regarding Domestic Violence. My comment was about teaching our children when they are young that abuse of any kind is unacceptable. Society is used to accepting certain actions, even when these actions hurt others. We need to reconsider how and what we teach our children, how we support our young people, our friends and family. We need to listen better and work together to wipe out Domestic Violence. I live in a state that has some decent laws on Domestic Violence but they were born out of tragedy. So my post this Friday is about passing the message on in my own way. 


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I was alone...

I awoke with your name on my lips.
The sweet dream memory of you
and I exploring each other.

A luxurious sigh escaped me.
I reached for you;
but you were not there.

I was alone...

Disclaimer: **I do not own, nor do I claim ownership of, the image featured on this page.  It is the property of Randy Dillon.  Please visit his website http://randydillon.com/ to view his art. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Skillet - Monster

This is such a great song! I love it because everyone can relate to what he is saying. We all have a secret side that we don't let anyone see. No matter who you are I'm sure you've been in a situation where your inner ugliness, your monster, has reared its ugly head. We beat it back again and again because we want to be better than the monster within. In fact, we are better for the most part, but there are times when we feel like there is no escape. Listen to the lyrics, tell me what you think. 

Skillet - Monster

Happy Monday!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Turn Ons Poll Results

Poll results are in:

Someone catches your eye… What feature(s) turn you on?
Their hair - 25%
Their eyes - 66%
Their mouth/lips - 50%
Their bust/chest - 41%
Their butt - 83%
Their legs - 25%

New poll has been posted!

Friday, May 13, 2011


Light blinds me.
Darkness surrounds me.
Shadows follow me.
My soul speaks to me.
Wild, determined to be free.
Am I seeking some inner sanity?

I close my eyes against the brightness;
I'm drowning in a sea of shadows.
Deeper I drift into the darkness,
Seeking comfort within its depths.
I welcome its embrace cold and calculating.
Am I still seeking some inner sanity?

Fighting against dark thoughts, dark ideas,
Searching for myself, my being.
I question its force and cold nature;
I need simplistic serenity, comfort and love.
Thrashing about in an insane world,
Forever looking for some inner sanity.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"donny" In Memory


whispers in the wind
carry his name

my mind, his memory
my heart, his love

whispers in the wind
carry his name

never forgotten
forever loved
Sometimes my memories haunt me.  Donny was shot and killed while coming to the defense of a woman in crisis.  He was a great guy, a wonderful friend and my world then.  I wrote this at a time when I wondered if I would ever find peace from Donny's death.  December is still rough but it's getting easier to remember him without the pain of seeing him being shot down in front of my eyes. Here's to the wind carrying the whispers of those memories to a place of peace.  This is my way of moving on, not forgetting, but of leaving the guilt of living behind. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blast from the past – Beat Street

While surfing YouTube I came across this video and had to post it.  I had just recently had a conversation with someone about practicing their b-boy footwork.  The 80s were a different time… I loved the clothes, the hip hop, and the music, everything about it rocked.  I can remember hanging out watching b-boys practice their moves in high school… they were awesome; especially one in particular.  What’s so funny about this video is that I have (yeah, right now) the original sound track of this movie on cassette ahaha.  Well, enjoy the video – it was fun for me. 

Beat Street Roxy Battle

Isn't it awesome how music, movies, and books can take you back to your past.  Can make you smile and laugh out loud or make you sad and bring tears to your eyes. No matter the memory it's nice to be able to remember them.  I hope you enjoyed the video and maybe it brought back some memories for you too.  Share a memory with me...


Monday, May 9, 2011

Stevie Nicks - Secret Love

Stevie Nicks is probably my favorite female songstress. I went to see her in concert and shocked to this day about the reaction she had on me. There I was standing up listening to her and tears just started streaming down my face.

Stevie’s latest album was released May 3rd, 2011. Her music style and skill is truly outstanding and worth investing the time to get to know her through her lyrics. Here is a song called Secret Love from the new album.

© 2011 WMG "Secret Love" Official Music Video

The song Fall From Grace, featured in the video bar, is one of my favorites because it reminds me of someone in my world. Music does a fantastic job offering introspect and reflection. I’m forever finding music that fits situations in my own life; but then again people share a lot more in common with others than they tend to realize, even strangers.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Superhero Poll Results

Last Week’s Poll was:
If you could be a superhero, who would you be?

Superman – 25%
Wonder Woman – 50%
I’m quite happy without super powers! – 25%

New poll will be posted in a few minutes. Thanks!

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day Myspace Comments

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Imagine, A Dedication

Imagine, if you will
Having something old
Yet it is something new

Imagine, tragedy giving birth
The loss of an older brother
The loss of a beloved cousin

Imagine, always knowing
That the past is never far
That he is still here

Imagine, laughter and secrets
He listens and teases
She babbles and cries

Imagine, one from another
One has passed, angel
One has come, rock

Imagine, new beginnings
Fragile yet treasured
Growing everyday

Imagine, new friends
Sharing old memories
Making new ones

Imagine, the silent song
Steadfast yet carefree
Passionate and deep

Imagine, if you will
Something new
From something old

This is written in memory of Mike (I miss you), for Sam, and for myself... because it was what it was and it is what it is... there is a reason for all things even those we don't quite understand.  So the 'girl' makes a nod heavenward and 'sweetie girl' laughs out loud and makes a nod to something new and to the Goddess she says, "Thanks for my gifts."


Friday, May 6, 2011

Reflections on my daughter...

Wow, the last twenty two years have flown by, like a challenger on nitro!  Although this is a more personal post it really is about reflecting back on time.  Revisiting the past and traveling the road that led to today, this is an exhilarating moment for both me and my daughter.  Tomorrow my daughter will graduate from the University of Bridgeport with a Masters of Science in Education.  She is ready to be finished with school for now and I’m excited to share her achievements.  

Seems like just mere weeks ago she was a toddler, running around outside playing with rocks – yes, they were her favorite toys – rocks of all kinds.  A t-ball player and little dancer in Kindergarten, a student of Tae Kwon Do for six years when she decided to trade her TKD kicks in for the four legged kind and took up western riding.  She fell in love with horses and we even leased one for her one summer – ah, Cookie was a sweetie.  Nothing could shake her love of horses not even when she was thrown by a horse that got spooked by a chicken!  She dislocated her hip and still wanted to go to the stables – she nagged her Dr. about that till he finally gave in after she was off her crutches.  

In high school she traveled abroad to Australia and New Zealand and had the time of her life – climbed the Sydney Bridge, and came home with a didgeridoo and a boomerang too!  Onto UCONN she went where her dogged determination paid off – graduated with a BA in English in three and a half years and even managed a Study Abroad program in Florence, Italy where she lost her heart to the country and people.  Upon her graduation from UCONN she enrolled at UB in the education internship program working full time at the very middle school she attended and going to school full time.  It was incredibly thrilling to read her internship review from the principle of the school – all superior grades and an added comment, “Jennifer is one of the best interns NEMS has ever had.”  How’s that for being told you are doing a great job!  

Well today is ending and tomorrow will be here all too soon and another mile stone in my daughter’s world will be celebrated.  It is amazing to look back on the last twenty two years and see all she has done and accomplished.  She wants to buy a house within the next two or three years and wants to own enough land where she can have her horses, dogs, cats and any other cute cuddly animal she falls in love with.  Unbelievable focus has made her a success thus far and if she proceeds on the course she has plotted for herself I believe she will achieve every dream she can possibly dream.  

As a mom I think she’s gone from being my baby to a strong young woman in what seems to be a few short weeks.  We are very close and I’m grateful that we share a love of many of the same things; reading, writing, Fast and Furious movies *grin* and many others.  I always thank the people who tell my husband and me that we did a great job with Jen but quite frankly, Jennifer did a great job with Jen.  She made good choices when she wasn’t with us, made decisions to launch her into a successful future and mindfully paved her own pathway to what promises to be a successful and satisfying career and life.  

I am truly inspired by my daughter’s ambition, compassion and desire to nurture her own future and that of our young people.  So, kudos to my daughter and her successes in life may tomorrow be yet another stepping stone in her journey to a life full of meaning.  Love you little frijol.  Ciao bella! 


Thursday, May 5, 2011


Twisting tentatively

Colorful collisions 

Cosmic Kaleidoscope 

Marvelous mutiny

Thoughts gone unsaid
Swimming in my head

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Still in my head...

Years have passed yet you're still in my head,
holdover from my past or dream that never was.

Memories of our time together deep in my soul,
in a secret place for only me to view.

I often wonder if I should search for you,
or leave the past alone and let life be.

I'm curious to see where life led you to be, 
years have passed yet you're still in my head.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Food for Thought: Freedom

In the USA we have so many freedoms that are withheld from other people.  Yet we remain, at times, ungrateful, unappreciative and can be so obnoxiously belligerent it boggles my mind.  We are, and I’m speaking in the overall general sense of things here, quite a bossy bunch of ingrates.  Don’t shake your head; maybe you’re one of those people who have only what they need to live but that is not the overall population of middle class America.   I’ve noticed over the last few years that I have more crap – way more crap – than I need in my life.  We are a people who crave material things.  The more we have the more we want and it goes on and on.  We’ve become judgmental and numb to the world and to our affect on it.  Even with all the awareness groups or a simple stroll in any major city in America we remain blind mice running around in a sea of greed and selfishness.  

On the political front – well, it’s just so scary it’s hard to wrap it around my brain let alone twist it to make a shred of sense.  Even in this arena people are cruel and harsh and go around condemning all the wrong people.  People, if I want to place them in the category of human, are picketing soldiers’ funerals.  What the hell is wrong here?  HELLO, you want to picket something, get your loud mouth over to the front sidewalk of your congressman or woman, your senators, or any other POLITICAL LEADER that actually has something to do with our government.  Leave the men and women who have died doing what their president asked them do to alone!  Let their families grieve in peace and leave our soldiers their dignity. 

Speaking of our soldiers, it was NOT Obama who killed Osama Bin Laden!  It was our soldiers doing one hell of a job to rid the world of one NASTY SON OF A BITCH TERRORIST.  These same soldiers almost had to go UNPAID just a couple of weeks ago yet our president smacks it up and takes credit for all of this.  PLEASE, MR PRESIDENT, BITE MY BIG ASS!  Freedom comes at a very high price these days.  We can agree to disagree with war; war is one ugly mess people.  Unconscionable, horrible, ugly things go on… it is what it is and if you want it to stop we need to be directing our efforts to the powers that be and not at our soldiers who are doing a KICK ASS JOB!   

Remember where we came from, how we got here, and what our country has been through.  Remember those who fought for us, what they fought against in the past, and what they may come up against in the future.  We’ll make mistakes, we will lose, but with one voice we need to speak to our government and let them hear us.  We need to make them understand our needs and maybe then we can become a greater nation; respectful and compassionate.  Oh, and MR PRESIDENT, PLEASE GET OFF YOUR PEDESTAL AND THANK THE SOLDIERS IN OUR NATION AGAIN AND THEN AGAIN AND THEIR FAMILIES AND FRIENDS BECAUSE IT IS BECAUSE OF THEM THAT WE ARE A SUCCESS IN BATTLE.  

I humbly thank our soldiers for granting me the freedoms I have today… it is those freedoms that allow me to write this post without fear of going to jail or being beheaded or having my tongue yanked out and then being beheaded! To the soldiers in my personal life... Thank you, I love you guys!


Monday, May 2, 2011

Five Finger Death Punch - Far From Home

All right, I’m a huge fan of Five Finger Death Punch.  My daughter, on the other hand, is not.  She hears loud noise and I hear a story; it gives her a headache yet it invigorates my soul.  Taking the time to reach into the noise and extract the story and the meaning behind the lyrics is what it’s all about.  You may be sitting there reading this thinking, no way; I don’t even want to hear that mess.  Or, you may be nodding your head with agreement.  If you’re not nodding your head, I suggest you take a moment and listen to a few of their songs… move past the noise and listen to the words.  Listen with an open mind and then reflect on what was said.  What were they talking about?  Who were they talking about?  Could you relate to any of the story they were trying to tell? 

The video I’m posting today is called Far From Home.  I dedicate it to the soldiers in my life and for everyone who has ever served their country.  Enjoy the song…

Begger Poll Results

You’re approached by a man asking for money so he can eat as you are about to enter a restaurant; what would you do?

Ignore him as if he never spoke.  – 25%

Tell him you don't have money to spare.  – 0%

Hand him some coin or maybe a buck or two.  – 25%

Buy him a meal.  – 50%

***Now, imagine that hungry person was you!!*** 

New poll now available!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Booyah Baby! Fast Five Rocks!

We just squeaked into the second show at the theaters last night.  As I said yesterday, I was looking forward to seeing the movie for months now and I was not disappointed.  Fast Five certainly delivered some major action for Fast Fans.  The entire theater was into this movie, it was insane, verbal reactions galore throughout the entire showing.  Reacting silently was virtually impossible.  It was that sick people, that hot and that amazing and it all started with a bus take down!  OFF THE HOOK STUNT DRIVING, SEXY CAST, FAST MUSCLE CARS… ENOUGH SAID!! 

I follow Vin’s facebook page and he had given fans a tip just prior to the movie coming out.  He said, “Do not leave before the first credits are finished running.”  Trust me, if you are a fan of the Fast Series and have seen them all from the beginning you WILL want to stay in your seat and wait for it.  The next Fast movie, and there will be one I’m sure, promises to be one hot mess of awesomeness!  If we are lucky we will see this entire crew return with the storyline weaved around the past.  

I’m not into writing a play by play for movies, it’s not football.  Just sharing my opinion on the movie and letting you know I think it’s worth going to see.  GO SEE IT SO WE CAN TALK ABOUT IT!!! 

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